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Controlling SAP running costs as part of your Digital Transformation - White Paper

This white paper explores the factors that affect the running costs of your SAP system and looks at some of the different ways for controlling and managing it.
The paper also provides an overview of how users can leverage the experience, tools, automation and economies of scale provided by an MSP in order to help with their compliance obligations, their multi-cloud management & optimisation and ways to achieve more effective help-desk support for their users.


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Planning Your SAP Move to Cloud

Topics covered include:

  • Cloud infrastructure as part of your digital transformation
  • Developing the Business case  & Calculating ROI  for moving SAP to cloud
  • How to identify the costs, savings, pitfalls and benefits of cloud in your businesses digital transformation journey 
This new White Paper is the ideal briefing document to help you get the most from a new cloud environment.
Download the Planning Your SAP Move To Cloud White Paper
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Getting the best from your SAP Applications as a Service

Being able to use the most appropriate cloud option enables you to deliver resource and cost-optimised solutions, as well as a reduction in vendor tie-in and improving scalability and agility.

This guide takes you through the options of private and public clouds, PaaS and SaaS, according to your needs. 

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PaaS from Opal Wave

Our managed hybrid clouds offer wide range of solutions to host your SAP HANA applications according to your business needs.  These include public and private clouds, with options for on-premises, customer or Opal Wave resilient Data Centres.


At Opal Wave we empower our customers with better and faster decision making capabilities across the organisation. We specialise in Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), including SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (SAP BPC), SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), S/4 HANA Finance Group Reporting as well as our leading SAP Platform and Hosting services.